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About Achlada village (6,2km from Agia Pelagia) Crete Island GREECE

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Achlada village (Agia Pelagia) Crete - panoramic view

Achlada traditional rural village on Crete (at 6,2km from Agia Pelagia beach)


Achlada is a village in the municipality of Malevizi in the prefecture of Heraklion, region of Crete island. It is built at a distance of 23 kilometers northwest of Heraklion. According to the 2011 census data, the population of the village amounts to 57 permanent residents, who are mostly farmers and shepherds.

The village is built on the top of a fortified hill in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape, high above the bay of Agia Pelagia tourism resort, at an altitude of 307 meters, an area with a wonderful climate. Its name is plantamic - takes it from the wild boar tree (called pear) that can be found native in many places around the village. According to the local tradition, the settlement was named after a large wild pear that existed on the area. It is referred to as Achladha in Venetian documents of 1630. Achlada is a typical Cretan farming village where mostly garden vegetables and olive trees groves are harvested and few land plots of vineyards. Τhe village offers excellent views over land and sea.

At Medieval times, during the Venetian occupation of Crete, Achlada village was a feud of the Modinos family with 63 inhabitants, the settlememnt had 35 houses and 2 churches and later, according to the census conducted by the Ottomans in 1671 (two years after the occupation of Crete), was part of the Malevizi province. According to the unofficial measurement drafted in 1875 by the Russian counterpart, Ioannis Mitsotakis, 60 families were inhabited in Achlada and its population amounted to about 300 people. Walking through the narrow streets of the village it becomes clear that the village was built like a fort so as to defend from attacks, especially by pirates (in the older times pirate attacks constituted a big problem for the wider region and the broader Mediterranean area).

During the last decades there has been a significant decrease in the population of Achlada due to the relocation of the inhabitants to neighboring settlements such as Agia Pelagia and Lygaria. There is only one restaurant (DINA's Traditional Cretan Tavern, offering realry exquisite Cretan food) and one cafe (CAFE ACHLADA by Mourtzanakis EcoHotel), and no shops left in Achlada, almost everything is in Agia Pelagia bay, Lygaria bay, Mononaftis and Made (in the seaside). The majority of the population of the village now lives and works in the coastal resort. Achlada village has now a population of about 15 people.

Nowadays, among other attractions and beauties of the village, the main attractions of Achlada are the double holy temple of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) & Agios Tryfonas, with remarkable wood-carved iconstasi added in the year 1860 which is of great beauty. The church's foundation dates back to the Venetian domination. Other spots to visit are the stone fountains ("Krini" of Achlada) on the north side of Achlada (the oldest of which was built in 1746 - one of the most impressive on Crete - and the most recent in the early 20th century) as well as the ruins of the village of Kantinos (with 48 houses, 5 churches and 2 windmills). There used to be in the village of Achlada an elementary school (now serves as a feast hall) which was relocated to the seaside village of Agia Pelagia as the population living in Achlada nowadays is very small. There was recently built in Achlada an eco tourism hotel and enhances rural cultural tourism.

Achlada is the base Municipal District which consists of seven settlements and had 1.080 inhabitants overall based on the 2001 census.
These settlements are:

Agia Pelagia
Xerokambos (or Xirokambos)


the church of Agios Ioannis (St John) in Achlada village

The Church of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) in Achlada, at the central sqare of the village


panoramic view of Achlada village - Crete

Panoramic view of the village of Achlada, from east to west


Achlada - nature of the island of Crete

the nature just outside Achlada village


ACHLADA (traditional Cretan rural village) Taverns & Restaurants:

Tavern DINA

run by Yiorgos and Dina, locals of the traditional rural Cretan village of Achlada.
Just amazing food, atmospere, views and a breathtaking sunset. Only a few kms away from Agia Pelagia.

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

(tavern Dina in Achlada village)

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

(tavern Dina in Achlada village)

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

(tavern Dina in Achlada village)

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

(tavern Dina in Achlada village)

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

Tavern Ntina in Achlada

Tavern Ntina in Achlada Tavern Ntina in Achlada

(tavern Dina in Achlada village)






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Map - drive to Achlada village from Agia Pelagia village (Google Maps)

Use the map above (google maps) for directions on how to drive to Achlada village - from Agia Pelagia
(6,3km drive - its a lot shorter the distance by trekking and the landscape and views will offer a great sadisfaction)
get driving directions


GPS Coordinates to ACHLADA Crete

ACHLADA, Agia Pelagia, 715 00, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Latitude: 35.39578383333333 | Longitude: 24.992377000000033

Altitude: 307 meters

Lat,Long: 35.39578383333333,24.992377000000033

type latitude longitude
DD 35.39578383333333 24.992377000000033
DMS N 35° 23' 44.766'' E 24° 59' 32.619''


Latitude 35.39578383333333
Longitude 24.992377000000033

Calculated Values - based on Degrees Lat Long to seven decimal places.

Position Type Lat Lon
Degrees Lat Long  35.3957838°, 024.9923770°
Degrees Minutes 35°23.74703', 024°59.54262'
Degrees Minutes Seconds  35°23'44.8218", 024°59'32.5572"
UTM 35S 317675mE 3918786mN
UTM centimeter 35S 317675.18mE 3918786.07mN
MGRS 35SLV1767518786
Grid North -1.2°
GARS 410LL26
Maidenhead KM25LJ94CX07

for more driving directions' details and MAPS, CLICK HERE


Telephone code for ACHLADA village: 2810
Telephone code for Greece: +30




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